Weaponize: New Jersey Metallic Hardcore Band Pummels Us with “Jaded” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Eduardo Ruiz

Pummeling metallic hardcore is what the guys in Weaponize get a great pleasure writing and performing. Formed in 2018, the band should make fans of bands like Terror and First Blood smile from ear to ear, or, scar to scar.

Either way, Weaponize has inked a deal with 1054 Records who will be dropping a new EP called Control later this year. But who likes waiting? 

Scroll down to listen to "Jaded," a searing track from the forthcoming EP:

Weaponize vocalist Frank Marinello told No Echo the following about the song:

"The lyrics to 'Jaded' describe a struggling man overwhelmed by his anxiety and his escape through excuses and hiding his emotions under the influence. He's basically at war with himself." 

Control will be out later this year via 1054 Records.

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