Torture Chamber: Members of Age of Apocalypse, Final Rite Drop Brutal Debut Release

"The idea for Torture Chamber began during the quarantine around May in 2020. Once the demo was done, we looked for someone interested in releasing it on CD. We were put onto Words of Fire at the right time and are stoked to be a part of their roster."

I'm having a quick chat with Tony Caronia, vocalist of Torture Chamber, a new metallic hardcore outfit from Hudson Valley, New York featuring musicians from such bands as Age of Apocalypse, Final Rite, and Pillars of Ivory.

Their aforementioned demo dropped back in February and is currently available on CD through Words of Fire, a zine and label that is also behind releases by Colossus, Field of Flames, and By All Meanz, to name a few.

"Torture Chamber went through some sound changes over time," says Tony. "In the end, we wanted to do a band for fans of both hardcore and death metal.

"The vision was to combine the overall sound of bands like Dying Fetus, Skinless, and Dehumanized, with bands like All Out War, Arkangel, and Merauder. It’s all about the mosh."

Tony continues to break down the Torture Chamber approach: "For vocals, I drew influence heavily from 100 Demons and Master Killer-era Merauder, where they still fit over crushing death metal riffs. Our guitarist, Paul [Butler], who sang in the Hudson Valley band Hellkeeper, provides those brutal guttural vocals all across the demo, and wrote the lyrics for 'Out of Time' on the demo."

Speaking of Paul, this is what he had to say about his lyrics: "I would say there's kind of dual meaning—the subjective perspective an executioner or practitioner of pain/suffering, but they can double as sort of words of anger towards terrible people."

Lastly, I ask Paul about the state of affairs in Torture Chamber's local hardcore scene: "Since shows have been back, every one I’ve gone to has been sick. With so many new faces and bands, the scene at large is thriving. 

Here are some bands to look out for from the greater Hudson Valley area and beyond:

  • Mindforce
  • Age of Apocalypse
  • Brain Burn
  • War Crimez
  • Big Shot
  • Wrong Move (Albany)
  • Jab (Long Island

Special shout out to Words of Fire Fanzine and Marked For Life. 


Pick up a copy of the Torture Chamber demo on CD via Words of Fire.


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