Chueko, Tools of Oppression (Black Water Records, 2023)

Here's another stellar release by the almighty Black Water Records.

This time Chueko come buzzing into the scene with their debut 7”, Tools of Oppression.

For those that are familiar with what’s happening in Portland, you know you’re getting some razor-sharp punk rock with a heavy dose of primal rage that will have you react in only one way…. a circle pit!

Chueko delivers non-stop punk that revels in the old days of short, fast, and loud USHC.

The production also has a vintage feel as nothing here is over-produced or sterile, just in-your-face punk rock that’s not out to impress anyone, but rather stake their claim in the DIY underground and do so successfully.

This four-track EP has a nice foundation of bass riffs and the guitars manifest an aural assault on our senses while the drums carry us into battle. Check this band out!

For fans of old-school punk, this is a gem and you’ll be leaving this on the turntable for a good number of spins. 

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