The Cutthroats: Meet the “Bay Area’s Most Hated” Hardcore Band in New Video (PREMIERE)

The Cutthroats is a metallic hardcore band based out of what they refer to as the "slums of Solano County" in Northern California.

After formulating their sound and writing approach for a year or so, the quintet busted out in 2016, eventually dropping their Back on the Block EP in 2018. Through some lineup changes, The Cutthroats began playing out regionally, eventually hooking up with Sacramento hardcore heroes Hoods for some touring throughout the US in 2021.

Keeping the momentum going, The Cutthroats entered Nu Tone Studios with Marc Estabillo to record their latest single, "Bay Area's Most Hated." Heading into a heavier direction that the band's previous output, the song sets the stage for a new EP that will be released later on this year.
No Echo is presenting the music video for "Bay Area's Most Hated," which features an outdoor excursion not suitable for children:

Vocalist Ricky Cutthroats said the following about the track:

“We got a lot of folks that wanna see us down bad so rather than walk on egg shells about the situation, we decided to make a song about it and throw that shit on our back to rep it with pride.” 

"Bay Area's Most Hated" is available on Bandcamp.

The Cutthroats on social media: Instagram

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