Sunlight Ascending Weaves Cinematic Instrumental Epic via “Echos in Green” (PREMIERE)

It's been over a decade since the musicians of Sunlight Ascending have been creating epic post-rock out of their homebase in Michigan.

The all-instrumental specialists understand the power of dynamics, giving their arrangements enough breathing room for parts to develop at their own pace, all the while creating irresistible melodies along the way.

Sunlight Ascending's cinematic soundscapes are like scores for imaginary movies inside your head.

At the start of the pandemic, the band traveled to Toronto to record “Echos in Green," a sprawling track that marks Sunlight Ascending's first new material in close to 5 years:

"Echos in Green" will be released in February on 7 inch vinyl via Dropping Bombs Records. The release will be limited to 200 copies (100 on yellow, 100 on green) with a screen-printed B-side, and the pre-order is live.

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