Bitter Truth: Michigan Metallic Hardcore Band Comes Back with Two New Tracks

Photo: Jack Benton

Last time Bitter Truth appeared on No Echo was last year via a track from their Reality Check EP. The metallic hardcore outfit have been playing out a ton throughout the Midwest since then, venturing outside of their Grand Rapids, MI headquarters whenever the opportunity presented itself. The band currently consists of Mnasse Tekle (vocals), Jon Barefoot (guitar), and Cameron Klingenberg (bass) alongside a group of fill-in drummers. 

Coming up on Aug. 31, Bitter Truth will be part of Sweat Fest in Muskegon, MI. The stacked bill also features such groups as Mil-Spec, Time and Pressure, Miracle Drug, and many other great acts. With just a week or so til the fest, Bitter Truth have blessed the site with two new tracks: "N.E.C." and "Numb":

The Bitter Truth guys had this to say about the new music:

"The 'N.E.C' and 'Numb' release is simply a promo to show people what we’ve been working on between larger releases. Both songs are simple, fast and hard-hitting, and touch on the subjects of racism and cutting off people who have stabbed you in the back."

Bitter Truth's aforementioned Reality Check EP is available via Smog Moon Recordings. Follow the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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