Skate Legend Steve Caballero Hooks Trust Records up With Playlist

Photo: Glen E. Friedman

Late last year, No Echo profiled Trust Records, a reissue label lauched by Joe Nelson (Winds of Promise, Triggerman) and Matt Pincus (Judge, SONGS Music Publishing). The outfit has already released expanded vinyl packages for Circle Jerks' Group Sex and 7 Seconds' The Crew.

Trust Records have also locked in a deal with BYO Records, and have announced upcoming reissues of Youth Brigade (Sound & Fury) and Agression (Don’t Be Mistaken). 

Joe reached out to No Echo to help us shine the spotlight on a new playlist series they've started:

"Trust Records is excited to roll out the third featured guest in the ongoing playlist series, the legendary Steve Caballero. His band the Faction were cool as hell, and his style and moves on a skateboard laid the foundation for what skateboarding is today.

"We kicked things off with Keith Morris, then Kevin Seconds, and it’s amazing to get a peek behind the curtain to see what inspired some of these people early on. Enjoy Steve's playlist, from SpizzEnergi to The Cars, it’s a good time."

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