Placeholder: St. Louis Melodic Hardcore Band Releases First Taste of Debut EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jeff Lasich

Bound together by a shared love for melodic hardcore, Placeholder formed in St. Louis back in 2018. In terms of specifics, the group list As Friends Rust, Kid Dynamite, and Dag Nasty as direct influences to what they're doing.

Releasing their Improptu Cigarette Magic demo a year later, the group  played regionally and began working on new material throughout that time.

Tracking for their debut EP, Nobody Asked for This, wrapped at the end of 2020, but the pandemic put its release on the shelf. But all wasn't bad news for Placeholder as they forged a relationship with Crew Cuts, a UK-based label also behind releases by such bands as Dry Socket and Boxkite.

Now that Placeholder is getting set to finally drop Nobody Asked for This, No Echo is bringing you the premiere of "Virtue Signal the End," a track from the 7 inch:

"I wrote the lyrics to 'Virtue Signal the End' back in 2018," Placeholder vocalist Nate tells No Echo. "At the time, I was working for a Fortune 500 company and observed the company claiming to care about their employees on a public stage but their actions internally told a different story.

"In 2021, posturing has become a crucial part of our culture and I believe it takes away from real life issues that demand attention. In my eyes, a culture where people can claim to care about issues without being held accountable by their own virtue is a culture that is destined to fail.

To end on a lighter note, go volunteer at a local food bank!"

Nobody Asked for This will begin shipping in June via Crew Cuts (UK) and The Record Label (US). In terms of the breakdown, Crew Cuts' exclusive vinyl will be blue with blue splatter, and The Record Label's will be red. Pre-orders kicked off today!

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