Lockstep: Listen to Nashville Doomgaze Band’s “Weave” From Their Forthcoming EP

Photo: Destiny Keller

Lockstep is a Nashville-based trio that formed in the summer of 2020.

Exploring a sound that falls into the doomgaze side of the musical spectrum, the band first appeared via a 2-song EP last year they dubbed Lockstep 1.

Later this week, they will be releasing their follow-up EP, not surprisingly called Lockstep 2. Watch the music video for a track called "Weave" from the forthcoming collection and see/hear what these guys are about:

Lockstep's Austin Rolison (drums/vocals) said the following about "Weave" and its lyrics:

"The song is about the inherent struggle to develop a more positive mindset while being continuously influenced by the outside world to revert back to a negative one." 

Lockstep 2 will be out on March 25th via all streaming platforms, including Bandcamp.

Lockstep on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Upcoming Lockstep shows:
April 8 - Chattanooga, TN @ the Spot w/ Modern Color, Heart to Gold, Allie, and Gumm 
April 17 - Nashville, TN @ Springwater w/ Greet Death and Infant Island


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