Last Gasp: Cleveland HC Unit Keeps It Gritty in “Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Hell” Video

Photo: Josh Brown

Released late last year, Who Wants to Die Tonight? proved that Last Gasp had no time for the dreaded sophomore slump thing.

The Cleveland band plays hardcore in the classic sense, meaning, they keep things speedy, snotty, and aggressive. Not that there aren't plenty of mosh parts to break things up, because they do a fine job with that as well.

One of the songs on Who Wants to Die Tonight? that exemplifies that perfectly is "Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Hell," a short and not-so-sweet shot of hardcore that gets its point swiftly.

Last Gasp teamed up with director Chris Capuozzo to shoot a music video for the song that keeps to its source material's gritty vibe:

Last Gasp frontman Ryan Hardwick sent over the following about the track:

"'Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Hell' is a song about buyer’s remorse. Wadding through click bait and spam e-mails trying not to acquire more things. I wrote this song during a manic phase where my spending habits were out of control."

Who Wants to Die Tonight? is available via WAR Records.

Upcoming Last Gasp shows:
5/20 Cleveland, OH - It Dies Today
5/25 Detroit, MI - Player’s Ball 
6/28 Cleveland, OH - hometown show 
7/19 Dayton, OH - Blind Rage weekend with Negative Approach and Zero Boys 

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