L.M.I. Offer Hardcore Punk x Sludge Beating via “Isolation’s Noose” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Scum Collective

L.M.I. (Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals) — a Bad Religion reference is always appreciated around here — is a band that started rocking together back in 2010. The Landsale, Pennsylvania-based outfit serves up a racket blending elements of punk, stoner, noise rock, and many other points in between.

Their latest album — their fourth overall — is called Failed to Feel It and to give you an idea of L.M.I.'s stylistic eclecticism, here are a few of the bands their label hit us with in the FFO description: Portrayal of Guilt, Cloud Rat, Hot Snakes, Fight Amp, Unsane, etc.

No Echo got its hands on the music video for "Isolation's Noose," the album's opening track. "This music video was inspired by our love for cheesy action movies, particularly Black Dynamite, as well as other music videos from bands like OFF! and Red Fang," said the L.M.I. dudes in an email:

Here are some thoughts on the track courtesy of L.M.I.:

"'Isolation’s Noose' is about having issues communicating what you’re thinking or expressing yourself. Particularity with anger/frustration. And having an idea of something you want to say or portray but when it actually comes time to say or show this you end up feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to properly express this feeling. And this in turn just makes you more frustrated."

Failed to Feel It will be released on June 21st through HPGD Productions (CD), Astralands (cassette), and Chumpire, Handstand Records, Killer Tofu Records, and No Less Records (LP). The vinyl pre-order will be up in early June. 

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