Hostia: Warsaw Outfit Takes the Deathgrind Path

Established in 2017, Hostia is a deathgrind outfit from Warsaw, Poland. Outside of their release information, the masked band like to keep things focused on the music and not their actual identities.

As far as those releases, they're self-titled debut album arrived a year after they formed, followed by their sophomore full-length, Carnivore Carnival, in 2020. Hostia toured Poland and appeared on some festival stages throughout that campaign.

2022 saw the release of the Resurrected Meat EP and, incredibly, a third album, Nailed. "Godless groovy grind," is how Hostia guitarist St. Anacletus described their sound in an email exchange with No Echo.

The guitarist continued: "As you may have noticed, most of our lyrics are anti-religious, but we also used to have some songs inspired by horror movies and some that were inspired by real-life horror stories like the "Siberian Werewolf" [Mikhail Popkov] on the last album."

Though Hostia chooses to remain obscure, St. Anacletus still showed love for the Polish extreme music scene during our conversation: 

"There are too many to count, so I hope no one will hang me if I mention only couple like Antigama, Hate, Terrordome, Mentor, Frontside, Trup, Masachist, Distruster, Grieving. [Laughs] I guess you already know Vader, Behemoth, and Decapitated!"


Nailed is available now via Deformeathing Production.

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