Holy Figures: North Carolina Post-Hardcore Outfit Returns with “Thanatophia” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Rob Hendley

The nascent days of 2021 saw the release of Luck of the Draw, the debut EP from North Carolina’s Holy Figures. The 4-track stunner was a genre-hopping collection sure to satisfy fans of DIY's varied corners. Continuing that fortuitous streak with the help of ever reliable New Morality Zine, the band is back to bookend the year with a single to rival the highpoints of the aforementioned EP. 

Their latest single, though clearly not intended as the feel-good hit of the summer, “Thanatophia,” dares go where lesser bands wouldn’t. As was the case with their previous work, it's a lyrically daring and expressive exploration of the human psyche's deepest recesses. Yet, Holy Figures again manages to pair their poetics with the shimmering textures and propulsive rhythms of post hardcore.

This time, the advanced aesthetic sensibilities of Holy Figures is met, having come equipped with an equally artful video that vaults the proceedings to even loftier heights. 

No Echo is stoked to premiere it. Keep an ever watchful eye on all things NMZ and Holy Figures. The Tar Heel State keeps crankin’ out the essentials:

"I, like many others through this crazy time, lost my grandma during COVID," Holy Figures vocalist/guitarist Owen Smith tells No Echo. "Due to the lockdowns and limiting who could be in hospitals and what not no one was there when my grandma died. She died alone, and it got me thinking.

"It reminded me even when you’re surrounded by loved ones when you take your last breath the only person who really knows what you’re thinking is you. That used to really mess me up thinking you can’t share any fear or turmoil going on in your head and then your last moments are moments of panic and worry. Something about my grandma changed that though.

"Maybe that’s the best way for it to be. Maybe it’s beautiful and words just can’t really describe what the feeling is. At the end of the day though, I think it’s beautiful that one of the most personal experiences, death, doesn’t have to be shared with anyone. That’s one experience that will always be uniquely our own."

“Thanatophia" is streaming everywhere via New Morality Zine.

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