Grave Secrets: Los Angeles Trio Drops Catchy Hooks on “Anxious” Single (VIDEO PREMIERE)

With a penchant for writing super-sized hooks, Grave Secrets are making their No Echo debut today.

The Los Angeles-based trio ride the wave between power pop, melodic punk, and all points in between. The band recorded at Pale Moon Ranch in SoCal with Alex Estrada, a producer who has previously worked with Touché Amoré, Seizures, and Joyce Manor.

Wiretap Records fell in love with Grave Secrets' sound and signed them to their label, and the partnership with produce an album coming out later this year.

Today, No Echo is premiering the Benny Gagliardi-directed music video for "Anxious," a single from the forthcoming album:

Grave Secrets guitarist/vocalist Vinny Morales on the song's lyrics:

"'Anxious' is all about it's title. The feelings we all face from time to time, and more specifically, something I wrote as a testament of how I've felt ever since I can remember. I found nicotine (unfortunately) at a pretty young age, and bite my nails like a weirdo quite often. So that's where the lyrics came from. As for the music, we were thinkin' 'Fast. Fun. Heavy as f***.' "

"Anxious" is available across all streaming outlets.

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