Edict: Current & Ex-Members of Bury Your Dead, Dropdead Unite for Pure Musical Destruction

Photo: Left Hand Path Media

For anyone not paying attention, DIY mainstay Protagonist Music has been steadily staking its claim to be a main character in the modern story of extreme music. Already sporting a stacked stable and along comes Edict.

Cobbled together by current and former members of heavy hitters Dropdead, Bury Your Dead, As the Sun Sets, and Ruin It; the self-appointed “unfriendly sounding band” is prepping to unleash their S/T 12-inch and it’s a stunning slab of savagery. 

Across the five tracks, the band marries the death grind blitz of Misery Index and the commanding lyrical bark of Hatebreed to something uniquely bludgeoning. Since dropping the devastating lead single “Rat Lines," I’ve been chomping at the bit to hear more from the Rhode Island crew’s collection of nihilistic proclamations.  

No Echo is honored to premiere “Invisible Hand," a standout among many:

Starting with a mean and fast picked riff that bridges the blackened gap between Asphyx and Black Breath, there are subtle bits of their collective DNA running all through this. From the relentless d-beat inflected drumming to the harrowing squeals of guitar, they run the gamut of extreme music in a sub two-minute rager.

Pummeling hardcore rules the day in the back half, tacking on one of the year’s most barbaric breakdowns as if it’s commonplace. Edict have spoken. Shut up and listen. 

The Edict EP will be out on September 28th via Protagonist Music.


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