Dirty Shrines: Members of Chumped, Elway Cook Up Melodic Sound on Debut Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Kristie Dehn

Coming out of the fertile music scene of Fort Collins, Dirty Shrines is a band with a style that isn't easy to peg down with a singular genre tag.

Featuring longtime musical collaborators Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen (Elway), Drew Johnson (Chumped), and Max Barcelow (Gregory Alan Isakov), the quartet's sound reminds No Echo of everything from the guitar-harmony-driven sound of Thin Lizzy to melodic punk to power pop.

Founded in 2018, Dirty Shrines have spent the last few years working on the material to Digital Ego, their forthcoming debut album. No Echo has been playing the hell out of the 10-track record and we're thrilled to help introduce the band via "Every Mile," an absolute gem from Digital Ego:

Dirty Shrines said the following about "Every Mile" and its lyrics:

"Do you ever wish you could go back to the beginning and start again and then subsequently spend your evening reading about the Novikov self-consistency principle on the internet and bumming yourself out with the realization that what's done is done and you have to live with the consequences of your actions?  

Combine that with a Steely Dan ambition executed with pop-punk musicianship, and you've got 'Every Mile.'"

Digital Ego will arrive on September 17th on both vinyl and digital via Black Numbers. The vinyl pre-order is live at this link.

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