Cohezion: Toronto Metallic Hardcore Unit Possess a Diztorted Vision on New EP

Photo: Omar Ludin

Yep, Cohezion is another a band born during the pandemic lockdowns. "I had wanted to start another hardcore band after being out of one for a while and took the opportunity to get something going with all the free time I had during lockdown," vocalist Kyle O’Meara tells No Echo.

"I had recruited Kolin Revill (guitar), Alex Thoms (drums), Peter Ellman (guitar), and Dan Selkulovski (bass) to play as I had known them all from different bands they were in throughout the Ontario music scene. I knew they were all extremely talented musicians and could provide the exact sound I was looking to accomplish for the band. 

The Canadian hardcore troupe dropped their debut EP, …until you feel nothing, last year.

Of their sound, this is what Kyle has to say: "I call us a hardcore band because I think that’s what describes us more and I think that’s what our ethos represents but I don’t care much for genres at the end of the day. Our influences range from Converge to Hatebreed, Slipknot, Vein, Never Ending Game, No Warning, etc."

With the year coming to a close, Cohezion is back with a new EP called Diztorted Vision. Snack on this:

Cohezion singer Kyle offers the following on the new collection:

"On Diztorted Vision, I continue the theme of writing personal deep cutting lyrics on things I am going through, issues that effect people around me, or problems in the world in general. Topics include mental health, inauthentic advocacy, learning from your mistakes and personal strength."

Photo: Omar Ludin

Kyle waxes poetic on his hardcore community: "Our local scene is currently the strongest it’s been since I was first involved 10+ years ago. Something clearly happened within the pandemic that has made folks so excited about hardcore and coming out to shows. I love it!

"Toronto hardcore, and Ontario hardcore in general, continuously roll out hard to every show they are able to. I love seeing all the familiar faces at every show and equally love seeing brand new fresh faces experiencing their first hardcore show. Nothing but love! 

"Shoutout Mile End, Spirit of Vengeance, Reality Denied, Prowl, Gavel, Cold Shoulder, and Temper Tantrum."

Diztorted Vision is available now across all streaming outlets.

Upcoming Cohezion shows:
Nov 12th - Toronto, ON @ Toronto Style Bar (record release show)
Nov 17th - Montreal, QC @ Foufounes Electriques (w/ Prowl)
Nov 18th - Ottawa, ON @ Dominion Tavern (w/ Prowl)
Nov 19th - Barrie, ON @ Shak's World (w/ Prowl)
Nov 20th - Hamilton, ON @ Doors Pub (w/ Prowl)

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