Classic ABC No Rio Flyers From Artist Jon Reed

Jon Reed is an immensely talented visual artist, and the classic flyers he made for the first year of hardcore shows at ABC No Rio, circa '90 - '91, perfectly reflect the vibe of the scene at that time.

Eschewing the graffiti/street identified imagery of the CBGB's NYHC scene as well as the more politically charged look of the punk oriented Squat Or Rot show flyers. Jon opted for a satirical approach with over the top cartoon characters that ridiculed certain subsets within the culture.

I've pulled together some of my favorite flyers, plus a couple of his drawings from the great Inward Monitor fanzine he published during that era as well. Reed is now an accomplished tattoo artist. If you're ever down in Austin, Texas, check out his shop, All Saints Tattoo.

From Inward Monitor zine #3
From Inward Monitor zine #3
From Inward Monitor zine #3
Jon singing for Animal Crackers at ABC No Rio, 1990
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