Blind Effect: San Antonio Quintet Whips Up Thrashy Metallic Hardcore on Debut EP

"I’d say we are primarily metal guys, but we just like fast riffs that get heavy," says Blind Effect guitarist Blake Webb. "Whether it's metal, punk, or hardcore, it doesn’t matter."

Blake is introducing himself and the band to No Echo just a few days after Blind Effect dropped their self-titled debut EP. "Fern (drums) and I started recording demos together out of his studio that he runs called FL Recordings in San Antonio, Texas," he explains about the band's formation. "At first, It was pretty hard to find the right fit on guitars and vocals to fill out the rest of the band.

"We went through a couple of guitar players and singers, but luckily a few of the instrumental demos we put out grabbed the attention of Marcos (vocals). Once we got him, we recorded his vocals immediately and had 4 songs completed. After that, we found Kasey (guitar) who has the exact playing style we were looking for, and similar taste in music. Christian would come in later on to help cover bass duties."

As Blake explained above, Blind Effect's EP showcases the San Antonio outfit's frenzied sonic approach, a powerful blend of thrash, death metal, and metallic hardcore:

"Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) helped us out by mastering it, which was awesome," Blake says of the Blind Effect EP. "The songs are fast, but they have some versatility. Shout out to Out With the Goons for helping us release it."
What's next for Blake and the Blind Effect dudes? "Release more music, play as many shows as possible, and try to get some opening slots for bigger bands. San Antonio’s underground hardcore/metal scene is incredible, so every show is a good one. Crowds go crazy around here no matter who is playing."


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