Altered States: New Jersey Riff Masters Unleash “Sarumon’s Sorrow” in New Music Video

Photo: Jammi York

Just last month, I wrote about Altered States, a new power trio based out of New Jersey. For those of you who missed that article, the group is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Ryan Lipynsky (Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path, Green Dragon), drummer Chris Daly (Ressurection, 108, Texas Is the Reason, High Disciple), and bassist/vocalist Zack Kurland (Sweet Diesel, Green Dragon). 

Altered States' vibe remind me of '80s doom, classic-era Tee Pee Records, and '70s proto-metal bands. In other words, nourishing the riff is paramount in everything these gentlemen do together.

With their Dark Crossroads EP recently hitting digital outlets, Altered States have teamed up with director Jammi York who just dropped a music video for its third track, "Sarumon's Sorrow" for you to vibe to:

Speaking with drummer Chris in the previous Altered States piece, this is what he had to saw about their immediate future together: "The plan is to make a killer LP. We’ve already begun writing, and have 2 ripping new songs in the canon.

"We’re gonna release a cassette version of the EP thru our Bandcamp, which we’ll post when they arrive in a few weeks, and hopefully get it out in vinyl at some point, as well."

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