Aight Bet Is Transmitting Their “Hoodcore” Sound from Chicago to the World

Photo: Paul Hill

Aight Bet originally began as an online musical project by musician Moecyrus with Jason Perez providing the production during the COVID lockdowns. After the project's debut track, "Accountability," garnered a sizeable audience in 2020, Moecyrus invited some of his musician friends from the hardcore scene to flesh out a proper band lineup based out of Chicago.

Bringing forth a metallic hardcore sound with hip-hop flourishings, the current lineup of Aight Bet is comprised of Alex Haas (guitars), Donny Macciaro (bass), Les Foy (drums), Mike Robz (guitar), and Alex Uridel who provides vocals alongside Moecyrus.

"The band name carries a lot of weight for many reasons," Moecyrus tells No Echo. "Aight Bet is an esoteric saying commonly used to deny someone’s actions which would perfectly describe the lyrical content. Aight Bet orchestrates a bold performance by engaging with the crowd using an emcee style call and response method.

"Some would call us Limp Bizkit 2.0 because of how well we managed to fuse genres. Since 2020, we've described our sound as 'hoodcore' since we have both hardcore and hip-hop elements in our music."

Aight Bet's latest release is "I​.​D​.​F​.​W​.​Y.," a track that follow's last year's "Don't Be Lyin. Be Lion" single, and Stop Playin EP:

"'I.D.F.W.Y.' is an ancronym for I DONT FUCK WITH YALL, generally speaking about immitation and the reality of what it brings," Moecyrus says. "Aight Bet dedicated 'I.D.F.W.Y' to No Limit Records commander & chief, Master P."

Aight Bet's hybrid sound has led to the band landing on live bills with everyone from Born of Osiris to Kottonmouth Kings to Skarhead.

No Echo has noticed that the Chicago hardcore scene has been on a roll these past few years, and Moecyrus is proud to be part of that lineage.

"Chicago Hardcore has many tribes. There is a lot of genre bending and blending but still comes homebase to hardcore. Bands to check out: End Path, Thutch, Hive, First Step to Glory, Beheading the Icon, Sawbuck, SleepTight, and DayBreaker."

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