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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: No Rest

Band: No Rest
From: Sapporo, Japan

Their formation story:
(Rachel Walls, vocals): "Our drummer, Nobuyuki Fujiyama, has been active in the Sapporo scene for years. Hunter (guitar) and I were big fans of his most recent band, O.U.T.

"After O.U.T went on a break, Fujiyama decided he wanted to try a new project and asked Hunter and I to join. Takeshi Fujii joined later as the bassist."

Their sound in their own words:
"I’d say our style is '80s-inspired hardcore with political/social commentary themes."

Latest release info:
"We recorded our demo in the beginning of June. It has 4 songs that I think show who we are as a band. We are unapologetically political and we believe that punk is a platform for change."

Future plans:
"We are playing 2 shows in Tokyo, July 6 and 7. We plan to keep playing around Hokkaido and Japan in the future."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Sapporo has a great scene and there a ton of bands here. Slang, Viewmore, IZ, Nobody Celebrates My Birthday, F.U., and Is Survived By are a few worth checking out."

No Rest on social media: Instagram

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