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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Modern Guilt

Photo: Philip Liljenberg

Band: Modern Guilt
From: Gothenburg, Sweden

Their formation story:
(Peter Bader, vocals): "Since my first and latest straight edge band, Eyes Shut, broke up way back, I've had an on-and-off yearning to do a straightforward '80s-sounding edge-band. I finally managed to round up some songs and got some of my best straight edge friends, [bassist] Thomas [Lundin] and [drums] Mattias [Rasmusson], onboard to get it going!

"The only spanner in the works is that our guitarist Per [Stålberg] hasn't found his way back to the edge yet. On the other hand, a true edge band needs to have a straight edge mission. Our mission is to get Per back on the horse. 'One punk at a time is our motto'! "

Their sound in their own words:
"Very '80s-style hardcore mixing Uniform Choice’s iconic West Coast vibe with Youth of Today’s undying '88 Youth Crew mayhem. Thomas and I played in a band when we were around 16 years old that was called Uniformed Youth, so it made sense to stick to that.

"Oh, and you might hear an occasional Bad Religion-influenced guitar lead here and there. Why? Because they are the greatest punk band that ever existed."

Latest release info:
"A swiftly recorded demo called 1000 Miles. We've only been a band for 2-3 months, but there was a lot of energy that needed to be let out. We released a limited cassette, an unlicensed Peanuts & Friends collab. It was sold out in a couple of hours, which we're stoked about!

"The demo consists of 4 tracks in more or less exactly 8 minutes. So if you've got 8 minutes, give it a shot. If you only have a minute and a half, hit the first track 'Countless Times'; it has all the components of the release."

Future plans:
"We are on the Greetings from Sweden 2 comp on Quarantined Records. It’s up for pre-orders now! Super stoked for that! The urgent mission is to play some shows and record a couple more songs ASAP!"

What are some other bands from their region we should check out?
"Check out the Greetings from Sweden comp; it has some great bands on there. Since we are from Gothenburg, there are too many fine acts to mention, but to name a few: Bulls Shitt and Sidestep are my personal favorites! In 2 Deep and Outstand are also great!

"Our drummer Mattias is in at least 5 more awesome bands, Obstruktion to mention one. We also play together in Sharp Tongues. Per sings in Pablo Matisse—they blow me away every time I see them live."

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