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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Mazenko

Band: Mazenko
From: Little Rock, Arkansas

Their formation story:
(Jacob Murry, bass): "Mazenko was formed almost out of necessity. Little Rock was in a place where there wasn’t enough bands to play all of the shows that were coming through. Fox, Jake, and Ryan are all members of the Little Rock death band Open Kasket.

"We all wanted to have a project where we could write more traditional hardcore music so Mazenko was born. We accepted our first show before we had even had a practice, and recorded a demo in the summer of 2023."

Their formation story:
"We pull from a wide range of influences but I think if someone asked us what we sounded like it would be somewhere in the vein of Mindforce, Sunami, Desolated, and Blistered."

Latest release info:
"We put out a demo in the summer, but wanted to do those songs justice so we re-recorded those tracks as well as three additional. When we started the process we were looking for someone that we thought could help craft the sound we wanted, and that came in the form of Connor Haines (drummer for Mugshot).

"We recorded locally, but really liked some of the releases he had work on recently (No Cure, Cell, These Steets) and decided to give him a shot with the mixing and mastering."

(Ryan Thibault, vocals): "Sometimes people in life are born fortunate and able to live with themselves day to day with a smile one their face because they know everything will be okay, however that is not the case here. This release is about that frustration of being forced to keep pushing forward even though none of us asked to be here in the first place.

"Existing is exhausting. From constantly trying your best and letting the ones you love down, to the fear of not having done enough with your life and feeling like you’re running out of time due to how cruel the world can be. Everything around us is taxing, and this release is my attempt to just speak how I feel and to find closure and acceptance with the things I cannot change."

Future plans:
"Continue to work on new music and hit some weekend runs in the surrounding states."

What are some other bands from their region we should check out?
"Second Life, Death Rattle, Dryer Fire, Virtue, First to Burn, Zashed, Morbid Visionz, Heldtight."

Mazenko on social media: Instagram

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