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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Made Men

Photo: Omar Cabello

Band: Made Men
From: Toronto, Ontario

Their formation story:
(Mackenzie, drums): "Most of the guys first met at Hold Your Ground [festival] back in September 2022. It was over a shared love of Merauder and fight riffs that Made Men came to be. I joined the band about a year later as a buddy of mine was too busy to drum for them, so I took over. From then on, the rest is history."

Their sound in their own words:
"We all love what came out of the '90s in terms of heavy hardcore, so we've tried capturing that sound in our writing, while also incorporating elements of more modern bands into our songs. It can be hard to pinpoint your own style, but I feel like we've honed in on a particular sound that we all really enjoy playing.

"Big influence come from Merauder, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis (Destroy the Machines-era, of course), Madball, Sworn Enemy, Grimlock, L'Esprit Du Clan, etc."

Latest release info:
"We began finalizing the EP back in February and hit the studio end of March/early April. Nick Ginn, at School House Studios, produced, mixed, and mastered the EP. We wanted to put out a polished product, but without triggers or sampling the shit out of everything.

"What you hear is what you get: fight riffs and good mosh were the ultimate goals for the record. Lyrically, the songs focus on an element of being misunderstood. We hope people that have been down a similar path can find a line to relate to."

Future plans:
"We're currently in the midst of writing a couple songs that we hope to put out at the end of summer or early fall. We got a run of shows in Western Ontario at the end of July with Cesspool, from Montreal."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Yo, shoutout: Terminator, Best Wishes, Total Silence, Reality Denied, 2 The Bone, B.F.D., Zero, Selfish Act, Die Alone, Rust, and Nelson Denis (Local Cobourg Legend - IYKYK)."

Made Men on social media: Instagram

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