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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Keep It Real

Band: Keep It Real
From: Malang, Indonesia

Their formation story:
"We consist of Anam (vocals), Gama (bass), Agan (guitar), Snofo (guitar), and Zidan (drums)."

Their sound in their own words:
"The influence on Keep It Real's music comes from '90s beatdown like Irate, and added elements of European metalcore."

Latest release info:
"It's a 3-song promo containing lyrics about a world that is being gripped by the authorities to seize territory and power that is actually wrapped up in a war between religions. Deliberately limiting the space for human movement with a system that is created and implemented. It's like creating a new hell.

"The theme of our upcoming album is about a world that is being gripped by rulers, an incident that triggers a war that breaks out because the ego wants to show its power as a ruler without thinking about the impact that occurs. by diverting the issue that terrorists reside in the minority camp. The genocide and supremacy that occurred are inversely proportional to the news circulating about who the terrorists really are."

Future plans:
"This year we plan to release an album with Greedy Dust Records."

What other bands from your region should we check out?
"Still Broken, Dazzle, and Seek and Destroy from Malang City."


Keep It Real on social media: Instagram


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