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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: xInstinctivex

Photo: Luca Secchi

Band: xInstinctivex
From: Milano, Italy

Their formation story:
(Marco, guitar): "We started xInstinctivex in January 2024. Lou (bass) and I have been friends for more than 20 years, before he went playing in the vse band Reprisal we both were in an old-school hardcore band called No Time to Lose.

"We never had the chance of playing together in the following two decades so after one show with our side bands in December we felt that was the right moment to start something new."

Their sound in their own words:
"We play hardcore with metal riffs and straight edge lyrics, and this music is known as edge metal. Reprisal, Sentence, From the Dying Sky, Morning Again, Kindred, Copykill, Arkangel, and Maroon, all those golden-era bands are part of our DNA."

Latest release info:
"It’s been an easy to pull off this Take Your Life Back EP. It’s been organic considering that I had a lot of riffs stuck in my head for a while that I wanted to lay down, and also playing relentlessly with Federico (drums) for the past two years made it even easier. 

"What you can hear is the final result of some proper hard work between the whole of us being focused on the music and message that we wanted to share with everybody."

Future plans:
"We’ve just played our debut show in Germany together with Escalate (New Age Records), working on new music, convincing Luca (xDestroy Babylonx) to find time for us as second guitar [laughs], and getting ready for Ruhrpott Revival Fest on May 11th.

"We’re very excited because it’s a very cool festival and we’re sharing the stage with awesome bands such as Arkangel, Copykill, Black Friday 29, and Zero Mentality. In the meantime, we’re working on a summer European tour."

What are some other bands from their region we should check out?
"I would say XDestroy BabylonX, Sentence, Reprisal, Purification, From the Dying Sky (they’re all over the country though)."

xInstinctivex on social media: Instagram

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