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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Insect

Photo: Brida

Band: Insect
From: Gold Coast & Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Their formation story:
(Liam Goodrich, vocals): "It all started in 2021 through COVID, stuck writing surrounded by four walls. After a year together, we found our sound. Clear cut, aggressive, sharply written primal chunk. The type of shit you beat your chest to while wrestling a 20 metre croc.
 "Two singles and a 2-track were released in those two years and countless shows were played, 95% of the time opening act spots to earn our keep amongst our scene and pay respect to the local bands we love. As shows returned, QLD Australia's heavy bands did our best to grow our scene once again.

 "Then 2023 came. We finally had the funds from the blood and sweat grind of shows and merch, and we recorded our first EP with Cruciblesound on the Goldcoast, Runt of the Litter, complete with using only the original recording studios, producers, artists and videographers that had been by our side since day one. The EP is short, but allowed us to show Australia and the world what we are."

Their sound in their own words:
"If Kublai Khan TX and Varials had a child. Insect is gorilla fighting tunes. Dirty Hardcore/metalcore/beatdown vibes."

Latest release info:
"Runt of the Litter, our EP, is a collection of 4 tracks that dive into being the lowest form of yourself, and coming out the other side your strongest. It displays Insect's ability to deliver chest beating, aggressive music that takes elements of many but holds its own as individual amongst a sea of bands.

"Every inch of the release was made from the ground up with only the people we hold close to us, whom have been with us since day one. From producers, studios, artists, videographers ect. Our crew."

Future plans:
"Having just released Runt of the Litter in December, we’ll be playing a bunch of shows, with some bigger names and releasing new content, annnnd heading straight back into recording new material."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Entrapment, Deathrow, Coldblood, Zuko, Violent Conflict, Shokan."


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