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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Heaven Sender

Photo: Anthony Cabrera 

Band: Heaven Sender
From: Southern California

Their formation story:
(Spencer, vocals): "Once upon a riff-laden night, Jake (guitars) and I found ourselves disenchanted with the blast beats and guttural vocals of our deathcore pasts. Fueled by a mutual desire to explore new sonic territories, we embarked on a quest to birth a beast of a band that would shake the hardcore scene to its core, one breakdown at a time [laughs]. 

"Jake and I have known each other for years. He hit me up for a feature for his band Mana Tomb, I said, 'hey, I’ve always wanted to do vocals and write lyrics for a hardcore band so let’s make some hardcore music,' and he said, “hell yeah.” So, here we are today."

Their sound in their own words:
"You ever watch that old Earl Sweatshirt music video where they throw a bunch of drugs into a blender and drink it? Thats what our sound is. A nasty, high-energy burst that ultimately ends in either someone feeling fucked up, dying or coming to a new existential point of view. California punk/hardcore/metalcore being made by former California deathcore musicians.

"Vocally, I aimed to have two sets of vocals, very deathcore in that regards but instead of doing highs and lows I’m doing a more punk influenced vocal i.e bands like Bracewar, More to Pride, and older Comeback Kid contrasted by a more throwback death metal-sounding mid vocal, which to me is just my shitty impression of a drunk George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher.

"Lyrically, I’m influenced by bands and artists like Cold Cave, American Nightmare, The Smiths, The Art of Drowning-era AFI. Both Jake and I have such eclectic music tastes. He's big on Killing the Dream, Remembering Never, On Broken Wings, and a lot of Awful Records artists."

Latest release info:
"Our first song, 'Designer Scars and Fabric,' is just a taste of what we’ve lined up but perfectly encapsulates what we aim to do both sonically and lyrically. Since I can remember I’ve always gravitated towards bands with some lyrical depth. I feel like what I wrote showcases my growth and maturity as an individual and artist.

"Since each track is a fresh canvas for us, with Jake and I both sharing our influences and creativity, I feel like these short bursts of sounds are the perfect backdrop for getting across what we aim to get across no matter the topic.

"At the end of the day, we are serious about our craft even if visually we take a more lighthearted approach. There is definitely thinking that goes into it all. I mean why not poke fun at ourselves, and give a huge nod to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? I love that shit. Also s/o my bro Brizzy for the scratches on the track."

Future plans:
"We just finished writing another batch of songs, plan on writing even more. Maybe hop out and play some shows. Might fuck around and drop a full album. Make some music, make some money, find some models for wives. We have only just begun making music together so who knows what elements we will decide to add and what we will evolve ourselves into. For right now though, steaks, some crushed melon Jones sodas and Mean Girl Murders is on the menu." 

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"I’m going to have to give love to my boy Chucky and his band Desmadre. I’ve known those guys for years and love seeing them grow and keep killing shit. I’m a huge fan of anything Admiral Angry adjacent and every time I’ve seen Black Sheep Wall I’ve been blown away them so Black Sheep Wall is definitely someone to check out.

"Also, I love what Cinderblock CA, No Way Out, Jack Knife, and Upon Stone are doing. All bands worth checking out."

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