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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Death Certificate

Band: Death Certificate
From: Long Island, New York

Their formation story
(Matt VIel, vocals): "I texted [guitarist] Mike [De Lorenzo) one day (kind of half joking) asking if he wanted to start a band that sounded like Crossed Out covering Terrorizer. He immediately agreed and within a couple of days had like 5 or 6 song ideas down.

"He reached out to Vinny Roseboom (who also plays with Mike in Medicinal) to play drums, who agreed right away. Mike’s War Babies co-conspirator Darren Nanos, demanded he play bass and that solidified the lineup.
Ther sound in their own words:
"Our sound and aesthetic are both definitely influenced by classic West Coast power violence and early grind bands: Crossed Out, Infest, Terrorizer, Spazz, Lack of Interest, Despise You, along with East Coast bands like Black Army Jacket, Brutal Truth, etc. I’d say if you dig any of those bands you’ll dig us."

Latest release info:
"This first release is a 3-song sampler. We released it last month on Bandcamp, with all proceeds being donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. These three songs will also be coming out as a limited 5” lathe on Long Island’s Baby Chico Records in a month or two." 

Future plans:
"These three songs, along with eight others, will be on a cassette, also on Baby Chico, which will be out sometime soon as well. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to play some shows over the summer. We’ve also been writing some more songs that we should have ready to go for some future releases in the not too distant future as well."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"The other members of Death Certificate are in about a million other bands: Medicinal, War Babies, Deathcycle, Negative Charge, Born Sinner, The Supervoid Choral Ensemble, Kill Your Idols…sorry to any bands I forgot [laughs].

Other Long Island bands I’d recommend: Stand Still, Family Dinner, Carcosa, Blame God, Private Mind, High Reach, Innerlove, Stabbed, Bowel Erosion, the list goes on and on. LIHC on top!"

Death Certificate on social media: Instagram

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