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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Boneripper

Photo: Erwin Jonkman

Band: Boneripper
From: Harlingen, Netherlands

Their formation story:
(WD, vocals): "Boneripper is basically built on the ruins of the band Manu Armata, when the guitar player decided to call it quits after 15 years. The remaining band members (singer, drummer and bass player) decided to move forward with two new guitar players and a new name. Since Manu Armata has always been a one guitar player hardcore band, the opportunity to take a new path musically with two new guitar players was very appealing.

"We didn't want to continue as Manu Armata because the guitar player who left was a founding member and key component to the Manu sound. After 15 years a fresh start with new musical influences can be very inspiring.

"Unfortunately one of the new guitar players could no longer continue, so after one year the guitar player who left Manu Armata joined up with Boneripper again [laughs]. Cool fact, the non Manu guitar player is the brother of the singer and drummer in the band (3 brothers in 1 band)."

Their sound in their own words:
 "We like to describe ourselves as 'metallic hardcore' or 'brutal hardcore with metallic influences.'

"We are heavily inspired by present metallic hardcore bands like Malevolence, Get the Shot, Lionheart, etc. But we also draw inspiration from '90s metalcore and edge metal bands like Length of Time and Arkangel."

Latest release info:
"World Ablaze is the follow-up record after our debut EP last year, Vengeance & Forgiveness. We evolved and molded our sound as a band trying to get more brutal and aggressive. Since we are a relatively ‘new’  band the new record was a good opportunity to explore where we want to take Boneripper as a band soundwise.

"I can say it is our most brutal work yet [laughs]. The record World Ablaze is about what the title suggests, a world that's burning. War, climate change, fake news, discrimination, religious extremists, hatred towards each other, etc. The way this can make you lose hope and how to pull yourself through."
Future plans:

"We will drop our new record at the end of May (digital release 24th of May and physical release and release show on the 31th of May) After the release we want to go and take the record on the road, play some cool shows at festivals and venues. So if you like what you hear, hook us up."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Bladecrusher is a thrash metal band from our region, our bass player plays drums for them and they're awesome! Swim or Drown is an old-school hardcore band from our region who have been around for many years. Bloodsucker is a great band as well, fairly new but with members who have been around for many years playing other bands."

Boneripper on social media: Facebook | Instagram

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