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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Bad Beat

Photo: Brielle Van Well

Band: Bad Beat
From: Detroit, Michigan

Their formation story:
(Jimmy Lawson, vocals): "There really isn’t much to tell here. Our guitar player Mike had some songs he thought my voice would be good on, and we just started pushing them out. I have always wanted to do vocals for a hardcore band, and this is exactly what I wanted it to sound like."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound and style are definitely influenced by the early 2000s hardcore scene. It is when I really started getting into hardcore. We just wanted to sound like Shark Attack, Mental, Bracewar, etc."

Latest release info:
"We just released a 2-song promo to get it out to the world. We have 11 songs we will be releasing on cassette from Collyde Records. That should be at the end of 2023."

Future plans:
"Right now, our only show planned is Black Christmas in Detroit. Some other bands playing are Hold My Own, Never Ending Game, and Section H8. I am sure you will see more of us in 2024."

What are some other bands from your region we should check out?
"Detroit has an array of bands right now. Be sure to check out: Never Ending Game, D Bloc, Big Deal, Suffer No Fools, SLICE, Moral Pollution,  Ante Up, Bitter Truth, Luck Runs Out."


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