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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Admission of Guilt

Band: Admission of Guilt
From: Calgary, Alberta

Their formation story:
(Vocalist Zack Bastard): "Myself and our drummer Brock used to play in a band called Set Straight. We were playing Hold Your Ground Fest in Ontario last fall, and we ended up needing a bunch of fill-ins to play our set. Our friends in End Game who we were travelling with stepped up last minute and saved our asses.

"We had a blast that weekend together, and Spencer (guitar) mentioned during that trip he wanted to start a heavier side project. Remi (bass) and Marcus (guitar) came quickly after as Remi originally played in End Game, and we all have played shows with Marcus's other band, Plead. We started a group chat with this lineup before ever even doing a jam together. We just all believed that this was the best batch of guys for this project."

Their sound in their own words:
"Personally, I would describe us as beatdown with a modern spin. We definitely take influence from Desolated, E.Town Concrete, and Shattered Realm, just to name a few.

"For me as a vocalist, inspiration for this project is drawn from multiple genres but the most dominant sources of influence are '90s hip-hop and nu metal. The first to come to mind are Gang Starr and Limp Bizkit for their percussive delivery styles that act as more of an accent to the beat/instrumental than their own thing."

Latest release info:
"Boot Camp Demonstration is the first thing we’ve put out as a group. Going into it, sonically speaking, we just wanted to make some heavier hardcore that we feel is in demand in the Western Canada scene. It's been a number of years since there's been a Canadian band in our scene that leans into the beatdown sub-genre. This band is a side project for the majority of the band, so we approached this whole demo to be as wild and over the top as possible."

Future plans:
"For now, our plan is to get as many shows under our belt as we can while we workshop new material and get a better idea of what our long term goals are."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Calgary hardcore is in a really good spot right now where we have new bands popping up all the time. It's hard not to give some love to Smoke. A bunch of super young kids just dropped a really cool demo that's 100% worth checking out. 

Also worth checking out from the Wild Rose area are The Enforcers, Delusion, and Sealed Fate from Edmonton."

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