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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: 406

Photo: Vanessa Koroh

Band: 406
From: North Celebes, Indonesia

Their formation story:
(Dandi Lazwardi, drums): "406 emerged out of the darkness as a hardcore punk unit on April 19th, 2023. We started with the intent to voice the anguish and confusion, Brigiel (guitars) pulled me (I was playing in Pumpkinhead) and Juriko (vocals) in to commence the birth of what would later become 406, they later pulled Deden from Pumpkinhead to fill in on bass and later become a member.

"After playing shows for almost half a year, Juriko (vocals) announces his departure from the band because of work-related issues shortly after, we felt like we needed a change in our sound, we rebranded our sound and image with a new formation consisting of Reldy on vocals, Brigiel on rhythm guitars, Greg on lead guitars, Deden on bass, and me on drums"

Their sound in their own words:
"Our latest additions Reldy (vocals) and Greg (guitars) are heavily rooted in deathcore, metalcore and prog metal stuff, so we felt like it would be the right decision to combine all of our unique sounds into one."

Latest release info:
(Gregorio Karwur, guitar): "Both songs on The Darkness and Its Different Shades are inspired by the story of Hideo Kojima's canceled masterpiece P.T. which is a playable teaser of the canceled Silent Hills game.

"The story follows the protagonist waking up in a concrete room inside a haunted house, as the protagonist proceeds to explore the house and its hallways he discovers that it repeats endlessly and everything seems twisted and contorted dive into the eyes of the protagonist as he hears and sees the horrors before his eyes"

Future plans:
(Brigiel Mendur, guitar): "We hope to tour and play in different places of the world, connect and make friends along the way, we'll also be putting out our EP sometime next month and a debut album shortly after it, as for touring sometime this year, we hope to play in Bali with our friends from Drowning Eyes (metallic hardcore from Bali, Indonesia)."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
(Deden Kasman, bass): "We have a long list of incredible bands and hardcore and metal projects based in North Celebes, Indonesia, including Huminoid, For Reign, po$thumou$, Scarlet Letters, Emtigsa, Gargaji, Slide, Till Death Do Us Party, Heretic Prevail, InvertedHorizon, etc."

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