STORM{O}, Reboot System - Rebound Collective (Self-Released, 2020)

After reviewing Finis Terrae last year, I was excited to hear from Giacomo of Storm{O} the other day.

Reboot System - Rebound Collective is a self-released collection of Storm{O} songs reimagined by other fellow Italian artists to both bring attention to the Italian music scene as well as to donate to a worthwhile cause.

As the band explains, "We’re dedicating Reboot System - Rebound Collective to 'Nessuna da Sola!' because we think we all need to use our privilege to give voice to the excluded, to fight injustice; to question the vertical structure of society and to make it collapse.

Rebooting system strengthening all those communities heavily oppressed by structural violence; ending sexism, racism, homotransphobia and discrimination. Rebounding collective because we all need to do our part in this, to stop acting selfishly and collectively build up the world we wanna live in on the ashes of this one."

I won't go far off-topic, but I worked in a non-profit for about 5 years often working with and educating myself about people both in sex work by choice and by force. It's a complicated issue with no one perfect solution, in my opinion, but that is also why a national campaign like Nessuna da Sola is important. When art is used as a resource to inform and support others, I think it is of great importance.

Photo: Francesco Flagiello

Returning to the record specifically, we hear songs from all three of Storm{O}'s full-length LPs reinterpreted and made new from this collective of 10 artists.

While you hear the recognizable, pained shouts of vocalist Luca Rocco; this isn't an instance where electronics were added to hardcore and effectively made into a poor version of what some think Godflesh sounds like.

I particularly enjoy the two remixes of "Respiro" as well as the remix of "D'istanti"; specifically on "D'istanti" you hear how enough of the original song was kept as an anchor of sorts and yet Bohrer made it all their own and gives a disorienting listening experience.

Reboot System - Rebound Collective is available now digitally and in a limited-edition physical format including a screen-printed poster through Storm{O}'s Bandcamp page. Make sure to check out the rest of Strom{O}'s music if you haven't yet, as well the artists listed below. 

Here is the list of all 10 contributing artists and links to their music:

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