Blasting Serene, Radiate (Self-Released, 2020)

Music is an intensely loyal and versatile companion; there for the highs and lows, as a bulwark against boredom/conformity, sparking creativity and filling up the in between moments of silence that make up a person’s existence.

Music also grows and twists as preferences change, leaving what one thought as vital, at a particular season in life, to be replaced by, at times, a diametrically opposed sonic palate. 

The members of Blasting Serene cut their teeth in the NYHC scene, playing varying degrees of muscular aggression tempered with progressive touches.

This new project finds them at an entirely different playing field altogether, there are elements of psychedelia, Britpop (both the '90s and '60s Invasion versions), Americana, and to my ears; some of the piano-driven pop ditties Elton John excelled at during various stages of his career.

So, what’s in here for a diehard fan of Breakdown, Supertouch, and Stillsuit? On the surface, not much, to be honest, but if you peel away the layers; you’ll find that same joy of playing music for its own sake and the sense of coming from a deeply honest place of reflection and the desire to connect with the listener on an intensely personal level. 

I would recommend keeping an open mind while listening to the nuances within these tunes, filling up silence between the notes, like a void being made whole all in the name of this muse we call music.

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