Top 5 Maynard James Keenan Tracks, by Cliff Hodson (Supermassive)

When you listen to the hook-heavy rock of Supermassive, it's little surprise to know they cite such influences as Chevelle, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. The Elmira, New York duo's forthcoming debut EP was produced by Jim Kaufman (Helmet, Anti-Flag), and the video for its first single, "Hollow Days," can be seen here.

It turns out, Supermassive's Cliff Hodson is a massive (sorry!) Maynard James Keenan fan, so he decided to send us a list of his favorite tracks from the eccentric vocalist.

"Passenger" (Deftones)

Considering I am a huge fan of Chino Moreno, I had to put this in here. Maynard and Chino on the same track is incredible, and Maynard's melody in this song shows his incredible range.

"The Remedy" (Puscifer)

I really enjoy hearing Maynard's voice paired with Carina Round's. "The Remedy" is my personal favorite by Puscifer. I really enjoy the harmonies and how sarcastic/satirical the lyrics are. Especially, "You speak like someone who has never been smacked in the fucking mouth."

"Sober" (Tool)

I love the raw emotion of Maynard in this song. You can really hear and feel his youth and angst as a result. The melodies are powerful and quite memorable.

"Schism" (Tool)

This song might be the best showcase of Maynard's creativity and dynamics as a vocalist. The way he blends his voice with harmonies combined with his syncopated melodies is mesmerizing.

"3 Libras" (A Perfect Circle)

Maynard's melodies in this song are so haunting and catchy, and the hook "you don't see me" stays in my head for days after listening to the song. I can't explain how the song makes me feel, but it's easily my favorite track Maynard has been on.