Twin Pigs: Swedish Punk Outfit Is “Dead Sick of America” on New Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ia Ingvarsdotter

With a penchant for Detroit punk-kissed guitars and driving backbeats, Twin Pigs is a Swedish punk outfit from the musical hotbed of Stockholm.

Lacing their lyrics with sarcasm and bite, the band has found attention from outside the underground Swedish music community, but Twin Pigs remain punk to their core.

Calling out shallow society norms is one subject the group love to shine their lyrical spotlight on. A blazing example of that comes screaming loud and clear on "Dead Sick of America," Twin Pigs' first taste of their forthcoming third studio album.

Though the full-length's release date isn't set in stone yet, the band felt it was the right time to unleash the single via a music video that echoes the song's scathing lyrics:

"I remember as a kid that it was kind of looked down upon when something felt 'American,' A TV-show, for example," says Twin Pigs vocalist Erik about his lyrics to "Dead Sick of America." The singer continues: "The overtly Christian themes and morals and the ideas of 'the American Dream'. Today, it feels more like it's an ideal to pass as an American, or that your work you put out will get some attention in the US. 

"Every Swedish celebrity feels like they made it once they've done something in New York, for some reason. To be seen and validated by the USA. I think that's what this song is about, and how the Americanization of our culture makes everything into a boring mono culture. Both in terms of music, films but also in the general discourse. People in Sweden know more about how the American election works and who's the President than they know how their own parliament works."

Erik also adds: "It's also a song about that even though you recognize all this to be true you can't get away from it yourself. You will still find yourself in a pair of Nike's, Levi's, and chuckle at some stupid American celebrity becoming a meme."

Canan, Twin Pigs guitarist and songwriter, on writing the song: "I just wanted something cathcy as hell for drunk people coming to our shows to dance and sing along to... but also to fight to... and burn stuff.. I don't know it's just a punk song, man!"

"Dead Sick of America" is available now on all streaming services. Stay tuned for the third Twin Pigs album, which will be out sometime through Luftslott Records and Spastic Fantastic Records in early 2022.

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