Threat 2 Society: NJHC Band Pens “Final Dose” About Fentanyl Epidemic (PREMIERE)

Last year, No Echo featured Threat 2 Society around the time of the release of their Illusion of Freedom EP. It was a huge accomplishment for the NJHC band since just a few years back, vocalist Chris Russo had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called osteosarcoma, which found him having to endure 33 rounds of radiation. After taking his time to get back to health, the group got into the studio to track the EP.

Threat 2 Society formed in 2013, releasing two EPs since that time, and playing shows throughout that time. Being a Garden State-based outfit, they capped off 2022 with a hometown show with E.Town Concrete in Atlantic City.

Today, No Echo is pleased to present Threat 2 Society's new music video "Final Dose," a track from the Illusion of Freedom EP:

"The song is about the heroin and fentanyl epidemic we are living through," Threat 2 Society singer Chris Russo told No Echo in an email. "I’ve had family members, friends, and other loved ones who have dealt with, or succumbed to this addiction problem which must be stopped. That’s what the lyrics are about."

Threat 2 Society will be playing a show on January 27th at Trinity Church in Asbury Park, New Jersey alongside Pain of Truth, End it, Restraining Order, and Hold My Own. The band will have copies of their EP on vinyl for sale at the show.

Illusion of Freedom is available everywhere digitally.


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