Sinner: Canadian Band Fuses Black Metal Elements Its Their Hardcore Assault

Photo: Courtney Michaud

Within the first few seconds of any Sinner song, you get the clear picture that they're a band who write music coming from a very dark place. That's why when No Echo speaks with singer Phil Paxton, we were surprised to hear the following: "When we first started we didn’t take ourselves very seriously and even had a minute long thrash song about playing pool." But things eventually got very serious for the Canadians: "After a couple years of reshaping the band and finding a sound that we all could get behind, we went full throttle writing and recording our debut LP, Sanity in the Mouth of Hell."

The Ontario-based outfit's latest release is a crushing single called "Wraith." Sinner teamed up with Justis Krar (Single Mothers) who directed a nighmarish video for the track:

As you can hear above, there are elements of black metal in Sinner's hardcore assault. "Like any metal band, our influences are very riff-driven, but not exclusively," Phil explains. "We also take influences from older hardcore and black metal bands, thus creating a genre we typically use to describe our sound to an audience who isn’t familiar with us. That would be 'blackened hardcore.'"

So, what else is brewing in Sinner's backyard in Ontario? "We’ve been an active band since 2013, and we’ve seen a lot of local acts come and go. We feel as if we’re one of the only local acts that’s managed to withstand the test of time. There are certainly lots of our friends still in active bands (shoutouts to Rust, Trenchlung, and Deck Piss) but one band in particular that comes to mind when you talk about kinship is Trauma Model.

"We’ll be embarking on our second tour with Trauma Model on February 21st starting out in Halifax and ending in our very hometown St. Catharines. The Trauma Model folks have been good to us and treated us with the utmost respect. They’re a bit younger than we are but that’s okay, makes us feel young too.

The Sinner self-titled 2-song single is available now on Bandcamp. Follow Sinner on their social media pages: Facebook | Instagram

Sinner tour dates:
February 21st - Halifax @ Oasis Pub w/ Trauma Model, Susan Explodes,
February 22nd - Saint John @ The Panic Room w/ Trauma Model, with guests
February 23rd - Trois Riveiries @ La Tavern Royale w/ Trauma Model, Guerre
February 24th - Montreal @ Turbo Haus w/ Trauma Model, Deathnap, and Gutser
February 25th - Ottawa @ Café Dekcuf w/ Trauma Model with guests
February 26th - Kingston @ The Mansion w/ Trauma Model with guests
February 27th - Toronto @ Duffy’s w/ Trauma Model, Born Without Hope with guests 
February 28th - Barrie @ The Fox Lounge w/ Trauma Model with guests 
February 29th - Hamilton @ Doors Pub w/ Trauma Model, Sick of Shit, Deck Piss, and Fleshguzzler 
March 1st - St. Catharines @ Warehouse w/ Trauma Model, Rust, Occultic, and Hollow Body


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