The Undertaking!: San Diego Band Asks “Who’s Afraid of Eleven Wolves?” on New Track

Photo: Micala Austin

The Undertaking! is a San Diego-based musical outfit that has been working hard since coming together in 2018, sharing the stage with such bands as The Fall of Troy, Dead American, and Doc Hammer (we recently covered them on No Echo). 

Heavily influenced by the metalcore/hardcore bands of the '00s, The Undertaking! recently recorded a new track, "Who's Afraid of Eleven Wolves?", entirely under quarantine in home studios. Once the tracking was done, everything was mixed down by engineer Tanner Sparks (Switchfoot, Weezer). For the single's cover art, the California band called on Dave Quiggle, the former musician (No Innocent Victim, xDisciplex A.D.) and founder of Facedown Records, who is an in-demand artist these days.

"Who's Afraid of Eleven Wolves?" just hit stores today and can be streamed below:

"The lyrics are a meditation on grappling with fear and how we either choose to move past it or let it consume us," The Undertaking! vocalist Austin told No Echo about the material on the new record. "We are currently walking through a cultural nightmare and Wolves hints at that. Ending on a moment of hope, we understand that no matter what we are going through in a certain moment, the sun will come up."

Photo: Kayla Sutherland Harrington

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