Sawchuk: Detroit Hardcore Punk Outfit Showcases the Pit Dancers In New Music Video

Photo: Stephen Koss

A couple of weeks ago, Eric Scobie of Dropping Bombs emailed No Echo about the label's next project. It's a Detroit hardcore punk band called Sawchuk that has history stretching back over a decade, with various lineup changes and hiatus periods throughout that time.

The pandemic lockdown found the members refocusing their energy on all-things Sawchuk and channeling the turbulence of the period into their best material yet. The hard work will be heard on the band's forthcoming 14-song LP, Modern Love.

Eric said Sawchuk's sound reminds him of a punkier Hope Conspiracy and Blacklisted, and he's on the mark. Today, No Echo is presenting the music video for a track from the forthcoming album called "The Shell Remains." The Seth Kalis-directed clip is definitely a fun watch:

Sawchuk vocalist Damon told No Echo the following about "The Shell Remains":

“I was really going through a pretty dark period during the writing of this song. It was a rough patch of anxiety, depression and uncertainty, though, it seems like lots of people had a similar narrative at that point. I feel like it is important to acknowledge these experiences in an effort to move forward."

Modern Love will be out on August 15th via Dropping Bombs (pre-order).

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