Rust: Canadian Hardcore Unit Delivers the “Hard Truth” from Forthcoming 12”

Photo: David Praph

No Echo has been covering Rust since 2019 when the band first broke out of the Ontario hardcore scene. Specializing in a groove-driven style, the band built up their following via steady gigging and a handful of singles, a 4-way split, and an EP called World Upside Down in 2022.

Citing such influences as Hatebreed, Machine Head, and Terror, Rust are about to open up the next chapter of their story. 

Now part of the New Age Records roster, the Canadians are gearing up to release a new 12" EP, True Decline, later this month. Check out a track from the record called "Hard Truth" below to hear what Rust have been cooking up in Tim Hortons territory:

“'Hard Truth' was written about how society both socially and economically have created the perfect recipe for a bleak and hopeless existence," Rust guitarist Rick Beaulieu told me via email. 

"It's about trying to find a way to continue when you are being bled in all ways possible and hitting that point where you lose all hope for people and become a calloused person."

True Decline will be out on April 26th via New Age Records.

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