Pummel: Boston Hardcore Band Warns Us About the “Doomsday Clock” (PREMIERE)

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Anyone with even a passing interest in hardcore should already know the pedigree of bands that have come out of Boston throughout the years. First covered on No Echo last year, the young hardcore outfit are carrying the hardcore torch for Beantown with power and spirit. Their most recent appearance on the Every Winter Is Cold compilation alongside such heavy-hitters as Dropdead, Free, and Restraining Order was such a burner that it was chosen as its opening cut.

Now, Pummel are back again with a track called "Doomsday Clock" that I'm very happy to premiere on the site for you today. "'Doomsday Clock' is my personal commentary on the social and political discourse between everyday people," Pummel vocalist Matt McCarthy told me. "While we point the fingers at each other, politicians and corporations draft the laws causing the issues in our everyday life.

"We hold contempt for each other and our ideas. When we would be better served to work together to figure out how we can foster the right ideas." The song will be featured on the band's forthcoming 7" release, Our Power:

Pummel guitarist Steve Mob offered the following thoughts about "Doomsday Clock" and its music: "There was no particular influence in mind here. I am obsessed with the mid-tempo two-step groove, so I tried to format a whole song on that rhythm. The intro really showcases Steve Fava’s drumming here. It is sort of insane how he does it and I hope people stage dive to the opening chords.

"Our friend, Trevor 'The Meat Man' Vaughan, told us we are like a cross between Sheer Terror and Mental. Hopefully this track proves that, but who knows. I want Pummel to really focus on heavy mid-pace riffs with the bouncier parts found in Youth Crew. Finding the right groove is essential and flow is essential."

Atomic Action! Records will kick off the pre-orders for the Our Power 7" on Dec. 1.

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