OK Buddy: Lehigh Valley Band Returns with More Melody via “Strays” Music Video

Photo: Allie Nicole Walters

Calling the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania home, OK Buddy is a band with catchy hooks at the top of their agenda.

The quintet play a style of music that has one foot in melodic hardcore and the other in pop-punk, OK Buddy's debut EP, Along the Way, arrived in 2022. They made their onto No Echo that same year.

Since then, the band has played shows around their region while writing new material along the way. Today, we're premiering the music video for "Strays," the title track from OK Buddy's forthcoming sophomore EP. Filmed and edited by Nathan Spangler, the clip can be seen below:

OK Buddy vocalist Lukas Hill shared this about the song:

"Simply put, it's a song about hardcore. On the last EP it was 'Corners,' on this one it's 'Strays.' There were no hardcore kids where I grew up, at least not at my high school. I didn't know anyone that listened to hardcore. All I knew was that I didn't want to listen to what anyone else listened to. I didn’t identify with any of it. Everything I listened to, I found on my own.

"It took a long time but I eventually stumbled into hardcore in my early 20s. I went to shows by myself for years, and even then I felt more at home than anywhere else. I inevitably started meeting people, making friends and what not. It became my favorite place to be. It became a home to me like it did for so many others. No matter where I go, I can find a home in hardcore. That's what the song is about."

Strays will be out on May 9th across all digital music outlets. Cassettes and CDs are on their way and can be pre-ordered via their Bandcamp.

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