Obscure Metal Bands: Ulysses Siren (California, 1983–Present)

Ulysses Siren, 1988.

Formed in 1983 by high school students Manny Lopez and Steve Pickering, Ulysses Siren came from the same Bay Area underground metal scene that birthed Exodus, Legacy (Testament), and Death Angel. Specializing in a speed metal style that was as catchy as it was relentless, Ulysses Siren found a following through the tape trader circuit once their Terrorist Attack demo hit the lists in 1985.

By the time their Demo '87 arrived, Ulysses Siren slowed their tempo down a bit, mirroring the thrash sound that took over their area in the late '80s. Songs like "Above the Ashes" benefitted from a more focused attack. This is the period when I first learned about the band and I remember thinking they would surely lock in a deal with a label like Combat Records on the strength of their demo stuff. Well, no A&R dude seemed to agree with me, and the members of Ulysses Siren went their separate ways in 1988.

The band reunited in 2002, and had their demos collected on a compilation by Relentless Records a year later. Since then, the group has released a demo and in 2015, an EP entitled Justifiable Homicide.

Throughout the years, current and former members of Ulysses Siren have also played in such bands as Defiance, Anvil Chorus, Bacchus, and Vicious Rumors. Head to Ulysses Siren's official Facebook page for more info on the band.

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