No Echo x Redbait: St. Louis HC Band Drops T-Shirt Pre-Order to Help Benefit the Website

Redbait is a St. Louis-based hardcore band No Echo has covered extensively throughout the last few years.

With a cutting sound that rips forward with speed and lyrics that actually mean something, the group's 2019 Cages EP pounds hard.

Today, Redbait has dropped a new t-shirt design featuring the No Echo logo to help with proceeds being generously donated to the site's operating costs and upcoming redesign.

Designed by M. Beckett, the shiet is available for pre-sale at Chosen Path for the low price of $8 (XXX Large and XXXX Large are $10) for the next 7 days.

This is the 4th shirt in the Chosen Path No Echo support campaign, and I'm humbled by all of the bands who have been nice enough to do this for the site.

Huge shout out to Martin Miramontes of Pointbreak and Chosen Path Design for all of his help putting this project together. See Martin's Chosen Path shirt designs on Instagram.

Here is the direct link to the Redbait x No Echo t-shirt.

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