Moral Panic: NYC Band Pays Tribute to OG Phoenix Punks on “Anti Anti Anti” Cover

Photo: Sarah Coulter

Though they're based out of New York City punk outfit Moral Panic was started by West Coast native Daniel Kelley back in 2013. "I'm originally from Los Angeles and grew up going to punk shows in the LA and Orange County area," says the guitarist/vocalist.

"There was a time where I was seeing bands like TSOL and The Adolescents play every weekend. I went to college in San Francisco and immersed myself in the scene there. After that I felt the calling to go to New York, so I up and went, with one suitcase, a computer and my Gibson Les Paul."

Within the first few years, Moral Panic released two albums and played gigs with everyone from Night Birds to Spiritual Cramp to D.O.A. 2019 saw Kelley welcome in bassist Michael Dimmitt and drummer Eric Robel into the Moral Panic fold, solidifying the lineup into true fighting shape. 

Now, just a few months after the release of their White Knuckles 7-inch, Moral Panic is gearing up for the release of a new album called Validation. Recorded by Joe Hogan (Murphy's Law, Black Army Jacket) and mixed by Jeff Burke of Radioactivity and The Marked Men, No Echo is teasing the record via "Anti Anti Anti," a cover of a track originally written and recorded by Phoenix OG punks The Consumers:

Kelley says the following about Validation:

"Our goal was to be a bit less lo-fi and get more of a big, loud, noisy, pissed sound! I don't really think that the influences have changed much, but the rhythm section is definitely stronger and has evolved the band into a bigger sound."

Validation will be out on September 9th via Reptilian Records (US pre-order) and Alien Snatch (Europe pre-order).


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