Manger Cadavre?: Brazilian Outfit Walks the Line Between Hardcore, Crust & Grind

Photo: Dani Moreira

Formed in 2011, Manger Cadavre? is a band from São José dos Campos, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. With a sound that walks the line between hardcore, crust, and grindcore, the quartet's lyrics mirror the social issues and class struggles they face in their home country. Their latest record is a banger called Decomposição, and should appeal to fans of Earache Records' imperial period.

"On the last album, the social and political issue is still present, and will never cease to be," said the members of Manger Cadavre? via an email to No Echo. "The lyrics denounce all the inequality that capitalism provides to the people, and repudiate the fascism that is present not only in our current government but that is also growing in other countries.

"The album has a song that specifically addresses the neglect of the current Brazilian president in the face of the COVID-19 issue, with his denialism of him, which ended up making Brazil one of the countries with the most deaths from COVID in the world. And on this album for the first time there are lyrics that deal with personal issues, as our vocalist, Nata, was struggling with some personal matters in her life and wanted to write and use it for some songs."

When it comes to their sonic blueprint, Manger Cadavre? prove to have impeccable taste: "Our biggest influences are hardcore crust bands like Wolfbrigade, Disfear, and death metal bands like At the Gates and Bolt Thrower."

As I usually do when I chat with a band outside of my homebase of Los Angeles, I asked the group about the music scene Manger Cadavre? is part of in the São Paulo region. "Our scene is full of great bands, unfortunately for now, there are no shows happening due to COVID, but the bands are not stopped, on the contrary, they are producing, releasing new albums.

"I imagine that as soon as we are safe to be able to return to the stage, the adhesion of both bands and audiences will be great! Regarding current bands, there is a YouTube channel called Scena that is aimed at the Brazilian underground extreme music, and opens space for several bands from all regions of the country, and has our vocalist, Nata, as part of the team.

"We recommend that you look for some videos from the channel later. We're sure you will enjoy the bands and content present on it."

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