Mad World: Ohio Hardcore Crew Lock Label Deal

Photo: Bobby Leonard

Based out of central Ohio, Mad World is a hardcore band formed back in 2011. With a penchant for Youth Crew-styled mayhem with a vitriolic spirit running throughout everything they do, the band cites Blue Monday, Carry On, and Get the Most as influences.

Mad World's last outing came in the shape of 2015's It's in Our Blood EP:

Earlier this year, Mad World entered Oranjudio Studio in Columbus to track 9 new songs with Bobby Leonard. The group had the sessions by Paul Miner (Death By Stereo) and they  told No Echo that the new material charters darker lyrical waters than their past efforts. Three of the tracks will be released on a flexi soon as a teaser of what the rest will bring.

Lastly, and definitely the biggest news to report here, Mad World have signed on with Irish Voodoo Records for the new release. The Southern California-based label has also issued releases by such bands as Pointbreak, The Last Stand, and Chemical X. "We were all really excited when Joey contacted us about joining the label and putting out music," the Mad World dudes said via email. "Irish Voodoo has been putting out some really great bands and we’re stoked to be a part of the Irish Voodoo Crew!"

Photo: Skipp Zhang

Stay tuned to Mad World on their social media pages to keep up with their upcoming shows and news: Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp


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